Alyssa's story

Alyssa Wheelon is a young, passionate, singer-songwriter (Native to Vancouver, Washington) who sees and shares her world through her music. Her songs are fueled by raw emotion, and made up of genuine and deeply connective lyrics. Her poise, style and unique voice make her a compelling artist to watch.

She has been playing the piano since age 3 and the guitar since seven, songwriting from onset. She has performed at various venues in The Northwest, Southern California, New York and abroad. Accolades include being a featured artist on multiple independent broadcasts and receiving "artist of the week" acclaims on numerous musician websites. She has been selected to perform along side Shawn McDonald (Sparrow), Midnight to Twelve (JKH/Koch Records). And has performed with players such as drummer David Kemper (Bob Dylan) and bass player Dan Schwartz (Sheryl Crow, Grammy winner). Her eclectic style and sound make her a rare- and according to music industry professionals, Stevie Mackey (Glee), Barry Squire (Columbia, Geffen, Warner Bros.), and Bill Schnee (Rod Stewart, Carly Simon, Neil Diamond)- "One of those artists who writes real music." She is an up and comer to keep close tabs on.

Praise and Critique

"Alyssa Wheelon’s song "Beautiful" is a breath of fresh air, and has bright youthful energy. With the positive energy of Jewel and the bold sound Avril Lavigne, this artist will be around for a long time."

Chris Seaward

"From the moment Alyssa took the stage, I knew there was something different about her. Aside from her melodic vocals and captivating ability on the piano and guitar, she connected with her audience and drew the crowd in with her personality and charm. Alyssa Wheelon is definitely an up and comer in the music industry."

Mary Oliver

RPM Entertainment